As part of my work with clients, I often design tools and processes to support our work together. I have shared some of those on this page and will add others over time. Let me know if there is something that you are looking for.

Communicating Change Template – As leaders in organizations we have accountability for preparing for and communicating change. This planning document will help you to accomplish just that.

Meeting Register Form – If your team has difficulty keeping track of actions and decisions at meetings, use the Meeting Register to keep your team on track! Check Get Savvy for the next dates for training which will include use of this form.

Meeting Planner – Meetings should be planned to meet specific outcomes. This meeting planner can help you to think through your meeting and how to engage participants. Check Get Savvy for the next dates for meeting management training.

Example Agenda – A well constructed agenda reflects effective planning by the person calling the meeting and helps to prepare participants for their involvement. Check Get Savvy for Meeting Management Mechanics training.

Action Plan Template – This is a simple planning document to support the completion of goals. It includes the basics. I often work with teams to complete action planning, whether simple or more complex.

Prioritization and Time Management Tools – Planning long term and prioritizing today are keys to being known for keeping your commitments. Check Get Savvy for the next scheduled Using Time Wisely Training to help learn how to use these tools effectively.

The Why and How of Delegation – This resource provides guidance for leaders on effectively delegating to staff and teams. Check Get Savvy for the next scheduled Delegation Done Right to learn how to apply what is outlined in this resource.

Coaching Philosophy and Approach – If you are thinking of engaging in a coaching relationship, it is important to think through how you want to structure that relationship. Perhaps my philosophy and approach to coaching can guide your thinking.


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