Dazzle Them!

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Are you thrilled with the training that your agency is providing? Are you an effective presenter on behalf of your organization? Do you build engagement through your meetings?

Program Savvy Consulting offers four programs (and can meet your specific agency needs) all designed to DAZZLE!



Dazzle Them! Presentation Skills

  • Everything matters! Take advantage of all your training opportunities: environment, tone, set-up, and follow-up.
  • It’s more than teaching! Learn to build engagement and facilitate discussions to increase learning and skill development.
  • YOU are part of the training! Speak with more confidence and passion to match the impact that your agency makes in your community.


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Dazzle Them! Curriculum Development

  • Design from start to finish! Open and close your trainings powerfully.
  • Make it count! Engage your learners in the most critical content.
  • Provide practice and feedback! Create the pathway to competence.
  • Making a difference! Ensure that the essence of your nonprofit agency is evident in your training design.


Developing and Delivering Presentations with Impact

  • Design your presentation to meet objectives for specific audiences.
  • Engage your audience in the most critical content.
  • Speak powerfully.


Building Engagement Through Your Staff Meetings

Design your meetings to:

  • Engage staff.
  • Reinforce or change behavior.
  • Build capabilities.


Click here for evaluation outcomes from Dazzle Them!

I have always considered myself a pretty adept trainer, but taking the Dazzle Them! Training with Mary Beth has really taken me to the next level. She has unbounded energy and passion for not only how to deliver training, but on how to develop curriculum too. Mary Beth pays attention to every detail, from long before we entered the room to following up with us to see how we have put what we have learned into practice. Her ability to very quickly recognize our strengths as presenters, and also to find opportunities to push us further, really impressed me. Mary Beth gave us a simple formula for designing training from open to close, and made sure that we included many activities to get the learners up and moving. Just when I thought I knew it all, I was really surprised that Dazzle Them! really tied in our agency’s mission, my personal reasons for training, and moved me from my comfort zone challenging me to add passion and heart. Training with Mary Beth was a non-stop whirl of activity, learning, self-discovery and lots of great content that all the trainers at my agency are using today. Dazzle Them! was perfect for trainers who have been training for a long time, and for beginners too because of Mary Beth’s effort to individualize the experience for each us. I honestly would take ANY training offered by Mary Beth Debus. I learned more in those two days than I have in most of my career!


— Shaun Doyle, Director of Training and Staff Development, Autism Services, Inc