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Dazzle Them! Presentation Skills

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Dazzle Them! Presentation Skills

Whether your title is “trainer” or it is a “duty as assigned,” whether you are brand new or have been training for decades, this is the training that takes you to the next level!

A full day of high energy learning and practice.

Dazzle Them! Presentation Skills

  • Everything matters! Take advantage of all your training opportunities: environment, tone, set-up, and follow-up.
  • It’s more than teaching! Learn to build engagement and facilitate discussions to increase learning and skill development.
  • YOU are part of the training! Speak with more confidence and passion to match the impact that your agency makes in your community.

For more information about the Dazzle Them! programs, visit here. Testimonials and evaluations are available to you.

If you are attending this training, you WILL benefit from Dazzle Them! Curriculum Development even if you deliver other people’s training.

Lunch is included in your tuition.


Get Savvy – Difference-Making Training is designed for nonprofits and others making a difference in their community (education, health care, government departments, etc.). The discussions and activities will be within the context of these organizations. You are welcome regardless of your organizational affiliation as the skill-development is universal.

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