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Delegation Done Right

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Delegation Done Right

Are you taking on too much work yourself because you have been disappointed in what your staff delivers when you delegate? Invest the time to learn how to delegate more effectively and improve your experience and that of those who report to you.

What you gain:

  • Specific process for delegating so that you get the results you are looking for.
  • Staff more skilled at contributing to the department and organization.

What the organization gains:

  • Skill development of staff as they learn to contribute to different projects.
  • Skill development for leaders as they become better at managing the work within their department.


Get Savvy – Difference-Making Training is designed for nonprofits and others making a difference in their community (education, health care, government departments, etc.). The discussions and activities will be within the context of these organizations. You are welcome regardless of your organizational affiliation as the skill-development is universal.

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Yes….You Are Working Hard

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Yes….You Are Working Hard

More than any other topic I have trained on, I think that I get the most resistance to Time Management training.

I think I understand some of the reasons why. People are working really hard and yet, find themselves exhausted and too-often, frustrated.

It’s hard to experience those things and simultaneously invite the idea that perhaps your own practices are contributing to it. That’s a lot to swallow.

Even if you are meeting all your commitments (but I know many are not), is it your best work, are you delivering on time, or do you have time for activities important to you?

Consider a blame-free investment in yourself. You’d sharpen your saw if you had a big job in front of you, knowing that to skip that step will ultimately cost you much more time. You’d use an electric screwdriver to place screws if you wanted a job to go more quickly and smoothly. Once you learn the nuances of using the tool, you proceed with ease.

The same is true for time management – tools learned and applied can make a big difference.

You ARE working hard. No one can take that away from you. Now, consider sharpening your tools and experience less of the frustration and more of the wins.


Invest in yourself:

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From Good Intentions to Results: The Value of Good Meetings

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From Good Intentions to Results: The Value of Good Meetings

When I joined a new organization, I was immediately asked to take over regular meetings attended by the top leaders of two organizations running a collaborative program.

The team had been meeting for more than a year and I had a hard time finding evidence of anything other than good intentions.

I didn’t do anything special when I took over. I simply implemented meeting management tools for planning and accountability. And I was consistent, so the attendees knew I was serious about driving results.

A year later, the team and I were flying to New York City to receive a national award for our program.

The only thing that had changed was the quality of our meetings.

Don’t underestimate what your meetings can do for your organization, and for your reputation.


If you see opportunity for yourself, please check out the two trainings on meeting management being offered in early December in Buffalo:

For tools to help with your meetings, check out resources available for you:

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“Meeting” Your Leadership Expectations

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“Meeting” Your Leadership Expectations

If I could offer you one easy way to improve your credibility and reputation within your company – would you be interested in that advice? What if I told you that not only would you be viewed as a more effective leader, but that you would be saving your organization money and increasing employee job satisfaction while you were at it? Interested? If you want to do all of that – start investing in your meeting management skills.

I can hear the groan now; you wanted something more sexy, more glamorous to invest in. But, be honest with yourself. Are your meetings something you are known for – at least in a positive way?

Do people come prepared to your meetings?

Do you know what you want to accomplish and how to do it?

Do people leave the meeting satisfied that they invested their time wisely?

Do people know what is expected of them in between meetings? Do they do it?

If you cannot answer a resounding “Yes!” to these questions, then I encourage you to take responsibility for the meetings you hold.

While there are many best practices, here are some of my favorite quick tips:

  • Don’t just ask yourself what content to cover. Ask how you want people to feel about the content. Do you want people to leave inspired, motivated, awed, angry, or satisfied? Knowing what you want makes it much easier to plan for it.
  • Your agenda should include not only the topics being covered, but how you intend to cover them. Include your process, such as reporting, brainstorming, or consensus building.
  • Keep track of actions, decisions, and items deferred. Distribute your meeting notes right away and review every meeting. (A tool to help with this is referenced below.)
  • Do a process check – hold everyone accountable for the outcome of the meeting. Over time, quality improvement will be second nature.

I am happy to share three meeting-specific resources on my website. Check them out at and call me for meeting management training for your organization. I can cover the basics or a more advanced class such as “Making a Difference Through your Staff Meetings.” See: 

Let me know your questions about meeting management in the comments and I will be happy to provide some guidance.


Mary Beth

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Delegation: Get Clear First

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Delegation: Get Clear First

“It’s not in my job description” is a common complaint that may gain credibility due to poor delegation practices. There are good reasons to delegate that often benefit the employee and the organization. When delegation is done well, you should see growth in employees, a focus on priority work, and high quality results. If that’s not your experience today, check out my new resource The Why and How of Delegation.

I’d love to hear your stories of things gone wrong and great results. And if you try out the suggestions, let me know how it goes!


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