Yes….You Are Working Hard

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Yes….You Are Working Hard

More than any other topic I have trained on, I think that I get the most resistance to Time Management training.

I think I understand some of the reasons why. People are working really hard and yet, find themselves exhausted and too-often, frustrated.

It’s hard to experience those things and simultaneously invite the idea that perhaps your own practices are contributing to it. That’s a lot to swallow.

Even if you are meeting all your commitments (but I know many are not), is it your best work, are you delivering on time, or do you have time for activities important to you?

Consider a blame-free investment in yourself. You’d sharpen your saw if you had a big job in front of you, knowing that to skip that step will ultimately cost you much more time. You’d use an electric screwdriver to place screws if you wanted a job to go more quickly and smoothly. Once you learn the nuances of using the tool, you proceed with ease.

The same is true for time management – tools learned and applied can make a big difference.

You ARE working hard. No one can take that away from you. Now, consider sharpening your tools and experience less of the frustration and more of the wins.


Invest in yourself:

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