Dazzling Graduates will Shine in their Training!

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Dazzling Graduates will Shine in their Training!

On Wednesday, June 29th, I had the privilege of working with 15 individuals who provide training for their agencies. They attended my Dazzle Them! Presentation Skills.  And they dazzled in so many ways! Here are key things learned…either by them, by me, or both.

  • They spoke with such passion about the work that they do and the people they serve. In listening to them speak (especially as they learned what Dazzling can sound like!) I had no doubt that I would trust them to work with someone I care about. A special recognition to Catholic Charities Community Services who invested heavily in their staff to match their commitment to staff training.
  • Several people commented that they were struck by the notion that the training is not about them, but about the learners – and how that shift in perspective frees them up to do so much more. (Does that sound obvious? But, do you get caught up in yourself when you have some form of public speaking to do? Most do!)
  • Everyone showed up on time ready to go. They attributed some of that to the welcome letter that I sent to them that they felt prepared them for the day. That was the start of learning the role of tone, environment, and context for an effective training.

While this training was focused on Presentation Skills, they were quick to recognize that the design of the training is also critical to their success.  That’s why those who hadn’t already registered for Dazzle Them! Curriculum Development are returning to work to speak to their managers about registering! Dazzle Them ! Curriculum Development is being held in Rochester on July 20th. Click here for more information. There’s room for you and right now, most attending did not attend Presentation Skills. So you will fit right in!

My signature series of Dazzle Them! continues to be well received.  The words most often used to describe their reactions to the training were: glad I came, kept my attention, lively, energizing, fun, useful, have new ideas, informative, interesting, very beneficial, and I contributed. The overall rating for the training/trainer was 4.88 out of 5.

I love working with trainers on their skills! When done well, training can make a world of difference!

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