Be Less Perfect!

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Be Less Perfect!

How long did it take you to do more than what was really needed?
How many times did you do that this week?
What didn’t get done or did you not get to do this week because there wasn’t enough time?

I believe in quality always and going the extra step when the people deserve it or the context prompts it.

But, I see so many people stressed related to the work in front of them. And not all work is created equal. Not all work requires, demands, nor should be given the gold standard. It simply means you can’t do as much work – or attend to non-work, like family, health, growth, and recreation.

Consider this when faced with a work task, or any task you take on:
1) Is THIS task really a priority?
2) Who is the “customer” of this task and what is his or her expectation?
3) Will “extras” beyond the expectation be noticed and valued?
4) What is the cost of spending more time on this to exceed expectations?

Do well, and meet expectations. Save the “Red Curtains” for when it makes a true difference.

Back to work for me!

Mary Beth


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